Question #1: As a homeowner, when can I log-in to check my ticket status?

Answer: If you submit the locate request via a phone call, you will be able to log in immediately after the operator has submitted the ticket. If you submit a locate request via the online request form, you can log-in as soon as you receive the ticket confirmation email.


Question #2: I didn’t provide an email when I called in for a locate request, can I still use the Positive Response Status Portal?

Answer: If you callback within 24 hours of submitting the locate request you can ask for a “correction” to add your email address, which will then enable your use of the Status Portal. After the 24 hour period has passed you will be unable to submit a correction for access to the Status Portal.


Question #3: What is the easiest way to find my ticket?

Answer: Using your ticket number in the search bar of the Status Portal is the fastest method of finding your ticket status. Otherwise you can use the search engine to search up to a 14 day period in which you submitted your locate request. Visit the Positive Response Help Guides page for documentation.


Question #4: Do I have to access the Status Portal via the main page every time I wish to log-in?

Answer: No, you can bookmark or “favorite” the Status Portal login page for quick access. However there is no “remember me” option and you cannot bookmark or favorite the Home page after login as your session does time out and requires you to re-enter your login credentials.


Question #5: How do I access the Positive Response Status Portal as a Business Owner that doesn’t have a Contractor ID with Digline?

Answer: Business’s that choose not to register with a Digline Contractor ID can access the Status Portal via the Homeowner login using the email & phone number submitted on the locate request. Refer to FAQ Question #2 if you did not provide an email address.



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