What is DIGLINE?CustomerServiceAgent

DIGLINE, Inc. is the one-number, centralized call center that covers 39 of Idaho’s 44 counties in the Call Before You Dig process. We receive calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. This Idaho-owned and Idaho-operated business started in January 1990 to enable property owners, contractors, utilities, and other excavators to notify underground facility owners of planned digging activities with just one call.

How does it work?

At least two business days before beginning excavation, excavators submit a locate request to DIGLINE by phone or web. Our Customer Service Agent (CSA) staff process these requests and notify all owners of underground facilities (conduit, lines, or pipes) in the excavation area. Each facility owner then sends utility locators—either from their staff or from contracted locating companies—to the area of excavation in order to mark the ground where their facilities are buried. Most locators mark the ground with paint, although some may use stakes or flags. With all the underground facilities marked, the excavator can then dig safely, avoiding dangerous and expensive damages to equipment and facilities.

What does it cost?

DIGLINE is free to use. Utility companies and other underground facility owners contract with us to provide this service free to callers. This one-number notification process eliminates the need for each facility owner to run its own call center to process locate requests, which saves time and money for the facility owners as well as the excavators.    

DIGLINE, INC 8310 W Ustick Rd Ste. 100 Boise, ID 83704 (800) 342-1585 (208) 342-1585 or 811

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