The accuracy of your Notification Area is important to us.  A critical step in achieving accuracy is regular review and maintenance of your area to ensure that records reflect any new underground facilities.

Please access your area through the Exactix portal.  Once you login, verify the information is current and correct.

Digline, Inc. would like to remind you that if a work order ticket is generated in an area that you provide service to, and your area has not been updated on Exactix, you are responsible if your facilities are damaged.  Updating your Notification Area is your responsibility.


Digline, Inc. requires that you certify your Exactix Map review by submitting an electronic signature. To confirm your information is true and correct, read the statement below and click on Confirm Signature. Your Annual Review of Notification Area Conformation will be sent to

Get to know Digline's NEW Exactix Mobile Ticket Entry by logging into Digline's Exactix portal via your mobile device. Exactix Mobile Help Guides are available Here.