The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) will be notified of your planned excavation.

What is IDEQ?

IDEQ is the state regulatory agency created to ensure clean air, water, and land in the state and protect Idaho citizens from the adverse health impacts of pollution.

Why will they be notified, and why should I care?

IDEQ’s DIGLINE membership covers select environmental cleanup sites, which contain low levels of contamination in soil or groundwater. These pose little risk if managed properly. Thus, in the interest of health and safety, IDEQ sometimes imposes conditions on excavation or the handling of excavated materials at these sites.

How will I know if my excavation affects a cleanup site?

Because you called DIGLINE, IDEQ will have your contact information and know about your planned excavation. If IDEQ believes the excavation will affect one of these sites, they will make an attempt to notify you at the phone number or email address you provided us. Please make sure the information you provide is correct. Also please make sure that your spam filter does not sort out email sent from and If you do not hear from IDEQ, you may assume there is not an issue with the proposed excavation.

Can I proactively determine if there might be problems?

Yes: IDEQ recommends that you search the IDEQ Facility Mapper for your area of excavation, although the recommendation comes with the following disclaimer: “The Facility Mapper is provided for informational purposes only. While IDEQ makes every effort to assure that the information provided is accurate, IDEQ makes no guarantees or warranty of the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the information provided.”

Whom do I call if I think there may be a problem?

By calling DIGLINE, you have already notified IDEQ of your planned excavation; IDEQ will let you know if there are problems. However, if you would like to contact IDEQ directly, you may email Eric Traynor, and he will direct your inquiry to the appropriate DEQ staff.

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