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Member FAQ

The conversion to Exactix will not have a direct impact on the billing process.
4IQ has worked closely with Digline to ensure that previous Ticket formats (standard and parse) will still be available to our members. In addition to this, an XML format will be available in the near future after its development. In the long term, Digline will be working to develop additional formats that members will be able to opt into using once they are available.
Fax will no longer be an option for ticket transmission. Only those who currently receive fax transmissions will retain this medium.
In a way, yes. Notification Areas have been retitled to “Service Areas.” You are more than welcome to continue sending us your Service Area updates as normal, but we encourage you to check out the tools offered by Exactix. With the relevant Exactix account, you will be able to upload and oversee your own shapefiles (uploads will be reviewed by Digline GIS personnel prior to being applied). Polygons will no longer be required to exist as a single feature, but will retain the minimum 50’ buffer criteria. If you have yet to hear from us about registering for mapping privileges or would like more information, please contact us at
Yes. As a member, you will still be able to suppress tickets submitted by your own company, as well as by specific work types. If you would like to review your current suppressions or modify existing ones, reach out to us at

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