Important Considerations

·    If you do not receive a confirmation within 3 hours of submitting your request, there may be a problem in processing your request. Please contact Idaho Digline at 1-800-342-1585 to resolve any processing problems

·        Locators/Utilities have 2 business days after the day the request is submitted to complete the locate (Today does not count as a locate day)

·        Make sure the address is posted and visible on the property (Lot/Block can be used to identify vacant property if posted)

·        If you have dogs or other pets that may limit access to your property, make sure you notate their presence in the “Remarks” section of the request (You will need to contain your pet during the locate)

·        If you cannot easily describe the area of excavation, provide a description and physically pre-mark the area in White Paint

·        If the property is in a gated community or you have locked gates on your property, please provide the gate code in the “Remarks” section or leave gates unlocked during the locate  time frame

·        Remember to hand dig within 24″ on either side of any marked utility

·        By submitting a locate request you are giving the locators/utilities permission to enter your property

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