Damage Prevention is a Shared Responsibility

In conjunction with the Idaho Damage Prevention Board, our goal is to reduce damages to underground facilities, which threaten the public’s safety and create expensive repair costs each year. By submitting damages to DIRT as a facility owner, the Idaho Damage Prevention Board will be able to use the information gathered to better understand where, how and why these damages occur. This data will NOT be used for enforcement purposes or to determine damage liability. The individual identities of parties involved will be kept confidential.

In order to fully understand the complex issues surrounding facility damages on a local level, collecting damaged facility data from Idaho facility owners is essential. By submitting your damage incidents below, Idaho will be able to evaluate and determine the best path to reach our goal: public safety and reduction of costly damages. Contact us with any questions.

Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT)

*Please Note – you do not need to be a member of CGA to use DIRT*

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