What is Positive Response?

Positive Response is the third leg of the “locate wheel” where the Utility/Locator informs the requester that the locate has been completed.

Who participates in Digline’s Positive Response service?

Idaho does not mandate the utilization of a Positive Response service, as such, participation in Digline’s Positive Response service is voluntary. There are three different classifications for Digline Members involved with Positive Response.

  1. Participates in Positive Response via Digline’s provided service – (Default Ticket Status = “No Response”)
  2. Does not participate in Digline’s positive response service – (Default Ticket Status = “Not Available”)

For information on which Utilities participate in Positive Response login refer to you locate request status or contact the Utility Owner directly.

How do I use Digline’s Positive Response service?

There are several Help/Training Guides available for reference depending on your role. Visit the Positive Response Help Guides page for access to Videos and Written Documentation on using the Positive Response service.

*If you are a Digline Member Utility using an alternate method of Positive Response and would like to receive programming documentation on connecting your current service to Digline’s Positive Response service please contact Digline’s Administrative Staff


Positive Response Main Page

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