Frequent callers with Contractor ID numbers may opt out of hearing the standard Locate Policy by completing the form below. Alternatively, they may download and submit the PDF form.

The Disclaimer / Locate Policy

The site you have described will be the only area located on this request. Utilities listed by the Customer Service Agent are the only underground facility owners that will be notified of your request by DIGLINE. You must notify any other known facility owners in the area.

Any private utility lines—such as sprinklers, water or sewer lines on private property, and power lines to outbuildings—will not be marked by public utility locators but can be located for a fee by private locating companies.

You are not clear to begin excavation until all utilities have contacted you or marked their facilities.

Once the underground facilities are marked, Idaho Code requires you to hand-dig with a shovel or soft-dig with air or water pressure within 24 inches of either side of the marked facilities. Depth of the underground lines is not guaranteed.

Locate requests are valid for 21 days, beginning the date after your call, as long as site conditions have not changed. Idaho Code requires you to call in no more than 10 days and no fewer than 2 business days from the planned excavation. If you do not begin your work within 10 days, you must call in a new locate request.

Emergency locate requests will be completed in fewer than 2 business days. Emergencies are defined as conditions constituting a clear and present danger to life or property, or a customer service outage. Utilities will respond as soon as possible. No matter how the start date and time may read on the ticket itself, you are NOT clear to begin excavation until all notified utilities have responded in some way.

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