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What is Positive Response?

Positive response is the portion of the locate wheel where the Utility/Locator informs the requester if the locate has been completed successfully or not.
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Check out our Online Locate Request Guide for assistance with submitting an online request.

With much of today’s utility service running underground, excavation has become a dangerous enterprise. Beyond the potential danger of cutting a power or gas line, excavators may also have legal and financial responsibility for damage to utility lines.

So how can you protect yourself from these potential consequences?


Call Before you Dig!

Call 811

For most of Idaho, DIGLINE, Inc. provides a one-call solution to notify all public utility companies of pending excavations, allowing them to mark their lines with paint or stakes, keeping Idaho’s citizens aware of potential danger. Call us or submit an online locate request 2 to 10 business days before you dig. Then you’ll know what’s below!