Homeowner’s Guide

Why Call?

  1. IT’S FREE – Calling Dig Line 2 business days before starting your project to have your utility lines marked is Free. If you damage your utility line without calling, you will be financially responsible for the damage as well as a fine of up to $10,000.
  2. IT’S EASY – Protect yourself. Just call 811 to reach Dig Line, Inc., or you can submit your request online.
  3. IT’S THE LAW – Idaho State Code, Chapter 22, Sections 55-2201 to 55-2210 requires anyone digging, including homeowners, to contact your state one call system at least 2 business days before starting your work.

What Happens After the Call?

  1. Keep the ticket number you receive from Dig Line. This is your proof you have called in. You have 10 working days from the day you called to complete your project. If you get delayed and it is longer than 3 weeks, call to have your request updated.
  2. After you have made the call requesting the markings, a ticket order is sent to all member utilities of Dig Line.
  3. The employees or their locating company will be painting or flagging their utility lines on the ground. They have 2 business days to complete your request. So please PLAN AHEAD!
  4. Depending on the location of your dig site each notified utility will mark in a water-soluble paint in their designated color:

    NOTE: Water and Sewer lines on private property are not marked as they are considered private lines and are not installed by your water or sewer company.

  5. These marks are good for 3 weeks if the site conditions have not changed. If the markings are destroyed just call Dig Line and you can get your utility lines remarked. However, you will need to wait an additional 2 business days for the markings. If you can, maintain the marks until you are done with your project.

At the Dig Site…

  1. After the utilities have been marked and your Locate By Date & Time have passed, you can begin your project.
  2. Remember, Hand Dig Only within 24 inches of the markings. If you need to dig closer to the marks, hand tools may be used with caution. Do not use any power tools, i.e. post-hole augers or trenchers.
  3. If you expose a utility line, it is your responsibility to protect it. If there is any damage of any kind, call the affected utility so they can come out to inspect and repair the damage.
  4. If you find paint marks or flags on your property and you did not call Dig Line, leave the marks or flags in place as they are for a professional excavation in your area. Examples of private lines include an electric line to a detached garage or shop, underground sprinkler systems, security systems, and walkway lights or lamp posts.