Pre-Design Surveying

SurveyingIf you have the existing utilities lines indicated on your maps, but need markings of the utilities at the future project site for surveying purposes, call Dig Line at 811 or complete the Design Form – Contact Us online to submit a Pre-Design Locate Request.

Upon completion of your Pre-Design Request, you will receive a copy of your Request. PLEASE KEEP THIS TICKET INFORMATION. Utility representatives have up to 7 business days to respond and will contact you directly for additional information or inform you of their design locate procedures or schedule. You should discuss your design locate directly with these representatives and coordinate your project with them.

If you will be drilling test holes, you will need to call 8-1-1 or complete an online Request a Locate to submit a Standard Locate Request. Test Hole Drilling is defined as Excavation under Idaho Dig Law.