Locate Requests for Design or Survey

Including underground utility facilities in the design of any major construction project benefits everyone involved. Nothing is more frustrating than to plan, design and anticipate construction but then find out there are underground utilities within the area that require revisions to the original plan. This is a very costly mistake. Predesigning your project by including the utilities on board at the beginning of this phase is a win-win solution. Design Locates thru Dig Line are defined as a request for maps and/or marking of utilities during the planning stage of a project. This may be done several months prior to any excavation taking place. Each utility handles the process differently, however, if the following process is done, information can be easily obtained.

UPDATED – Recommended GuidelinesAdobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32

New Project – Electronic Facilities Request Only

  • If you are designing a new project and need to indicate the existing utilities on your map, contacting known facilities in the area by letter or email is widely acceptable. Contact Dig Line, Inc. by calling 811 or by submitting a Facilities Request Form for an electronic list of Dig Line Member utilities that may be affected by your project.  A Facilities Request is NOT a Request to Locate or Pre-Desgin.  A list of utility contact names, addresses & email address will be provided to you when submitting this form. Once you have received the list of utilities, send maps for markup and request the information you need. The utilities will also provide you the required process you need to do.

Surveying – Future Project Request

  • If you have the existing utilities lines indicated on your maps, but need markings of the utilities at the future project site for surveying purposes, call Dig Line at 811 or complete the Design Form – Contact Us online to submit a Pre-Design Locate Request. Utilities have up to 7 business days to respond once submitted. Each Dig Line member utility will contact you by phone and provide you their locate requirements for marking.

Test Holes Locate  Request

  • If you will be drilling test holes, you will need to call 811 or complete an online Request a Locate to submit a standard Locate Request. Test Hole Drilling is defined as Excavation under Idaho Dig Law.