Design Form

Thank you for your interest in Dig Line. For general comments or questions, please complete and submit the following form.

For information regarding locate requests for design or surveying, complete and submit the following form with specific location information need on the future project design or call Digline at (800) 342-1585 Ext. 400 or 407.

If you will be excavating, i.e., test holes, installation of survey markers, etc., please submit a ‘Request a Locate’ located in the upper right-hand corner of this page.  If you are NOT digging within the next 10 days, submit your information using the following link.  Please complete all fields before submitting.

Upon completion of your Pre-Design Request, you will receive a copy of your Request. PLEASE KEEP THIS TICKET INFORMATION. Utility representatives will contact you by phone for additional information or inform you of their design locate procedures or schedule. You should discuss your design locate directly with these representatives and coordinate your project with them.

Please note that on your Confirmation Request you will be provided a list of Dig Line Members who receive your Request. Any other non-Dig Line member utilities are not notified of your project must be contacted separately. Dig Line does not have record of these underground facility owners.