Contractor Disclaimer Form

Frequent callers with Contractor ID numbers may opt out of hearing the standard Locate Policy by completing the form below. Alternatively, they may download and submit the PDF form.

The Disclaimer / Locate Policy

The utilities listed by Dig Line Customer Service Agent and electronically notified by Dig Line, Inc. are the only underground facility owners that will be notified of your request.

Any other known non-Digline member facility owners are your responsibility to notify pending excavation.

Once the underground facilities are marked, it is required by Idaho Code to hand-dig 24 inches on either side of the marked facilities. Depth is not guaranteed.

Locate requests are only valid for 3 weeks after the request is made as long as site conditions have not changed.

The description of work including the address information is the only area to be located.

Emergencies are defined as any condition constituting a clear and present danger to life or property, or a customer service outage. Utilities will respond as soon as possible. No matter how the start date and time may read on the ticket itself, you will NOT be clear to dig until all member companies have responded in some way.

I understand I am not clear to excavate until all utilities have contacted me or marked their facilities.

Dig Law requires you to call in no more than 10 days and no less than 2 days from planned excavation. If you do not begin your work within 10 days, you must recall locate.

Utilities do not mark private lines, including lines considered to be owned by the property owner, such as sewer and water laterals.